• 1

    What does a 100% Uptime Guarantee Mean?

    It means we are going to do our best to avoid any unplanned downtime and are prepared to stand behind that. For every 1/2 hour of unplanned downtime you will receive a 5% SLA credit to your account, up to 100% of the monthly rate. Simply open a support ticket if you experience any unplanned downtime although we hope that won't have to happen.

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    What Environment will Contain the Hosting Accounts?

    All shared and reseller accounts will be located in a 64-bit CentOS based environment with cPanel being the control panel.

  • 3

    I Have a Specific Project with Requirements I don't see Listed

    We're always open to work with potential customers to provide something that may not be standard. Just take a step into our client portal and submit a ticket for sales. We'll get right back to you with any ideas or alternative solutions.

  • 4

    Are You a Real Company?

    Ah, the double-edged sword of the democratization of website hosting. Yes, we are an LLC based in the United States.

  • 5

    Can You Help Me Move From My Old Host?

    Yes, provided the old host is cPanel based and in a standard environment we can generally help you out here. Once you have an account with us you'll just submit a support ticket here.

  • 6

    Do You Allow Adult Content

    Assuming it is all legal, yes. For details you may want to read through our terms of service.

  • 7

    Do You Offer SSH Access

    In most cases yes, provided you open a support ticket request. We may require extended identity verification to approve such a request.

  • 8

    What Forms of Payment do You Accept?

    Currently we are processing via Paypal. They accept payments via Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and PayPal account balance.

  • 9

    Why Don't You Have a Website Builder

    To put it simply, it's not what we're about. They're a terrible solution 99% of the time (in our opinion) and Wordpress (instant installable in your account) makes for a much better solution. Ever tried migrating a site created using a site builder? At best it's a jumble of files, at worst it can become impossible.

  • 10

    I Want to Make My Account More Secure, How do I do That?

    We love that you want to make your account more secure, we want you to do so as well! Your account can be more secure with Google Authenticator by enabling two-factor authentication here.