Cancellation Requests

You may cancel your services account at any time via our Client Center. Notice that our products are cancelled individually via the "My Services" or "Products" page. Options are available for immediate and end of billing period. Cancelled accounts will be removed from our servers and will most likely be unrecoverable after their cancellation date.

Cancellation Request Rules & Guidelines:

  1. Accounts may be cancelled via the client center or writing. Requests by letter must include proper forms of identification for verification.
  2. Shared accounts will only be eligible for a satisfaction refund withinthe first 30 days of service.
    • Other services such as VPS or dedicated are eligible for a prorated refund for unused time within the first 30 days only.
    • One time fees, IPs, software licenses, domains and services performed will not be eligible for refunds at any time unless otherwise stated in agreement.
    • Accounts breaking the terms of service or in a suspended and/or terminated status will be inelligible to receive a refund under the 30 day guarantee.
  3. Any services that have not been marked for cancellation will be invoiced at the renewal rate and becomes an owed invoice. This may include automatic processing.
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