General Information

What operating system are the Critihost SSD VPS servers running?
Our SSD VPS nodes are based on the lastest CentOS 6. Currently CentOS 6.6.
What virtualization system is being used?
Our current offering is OpenVZ. If you have a specific need for another system or a question about whether that will fit your need please contact sales.
What does 100% SSD mean?
100% means 100%. Our SSD VPS servers only use any other disk type for backup. All operating system and client files are stored on pure SSD storage with RAID.
How do you offer so much RAM?
The price of RAM has come down drastically. We want to provide a VPS offering that is free from major bottlenecks so we don’t put too many clients on one node which means less disk issues and even faster SSD performance.
Are the virtual servers really installed instantly?
Generally, as long as payment is received without any complication it takes under 5 minutes. If it is taking longer than you think is normal or there’s an issue please log into the Client Center and open a ticket.
Do you backup your servers?
Yes, every SSD VPS is backed up daily. It is still important to keep your own backup as we are not responsible for your data.