The Critihost Difference

After a long time in the works, it’s time to make our first blog post. After thinking about what to post, we decided it should be about why we’re different. There are so many options when choosing a host, that’s what really matters right?

We were created out of a need for stable, reliable, fast hosting. Developing sites and web applications with hosting included meant that any downtime fell directly on our shoulders. This is something every business with a website deals with. Whether you’re the IT guy getting screamed at by your boss after the site is down for an hour or the owner of a business losing precious dollars while nothing is functioning, downtime is never good.


99.999% Average Uptime in 2013

That’s why the first thing we focused on was stability. Our systems have always been tuned with extra breathing room to spare in cases where things might otherwise get tight. This starts with our servers and goes on to software and other improvements. It is also the reason why we chose CloudLinux for our servers. Don’t get fooled by the hosts using CloudLinux to pack in as many sites as possible before a server starts crumbling, we use it to make sure that one traffic spike or poorly coded site doesn’t wipe out everyone. We understand you may get big suddenly as well, which is why we can work on plans specific for your business and bump up limits as necessary.


What grade hardware is your business website hosted on? Wouldn’t it be awkward to find out that it’s basically the same hardware as the desktop you use at home? We think so, which is why everything Critihost is server-grade when nothing else is ever acceptable. The absolute smallest of our servers pack a punch with at least 32GB of ram and 6 cores of processing power. Raid is always hardware-based and includes BBU as well as a flash cache and/or SSH caching for speed. Our network connections are at least 1 Gbps.

So you use good equipment, what really makes you stand out?

As soon as a server starts to fill up, it’s time to spin up a new one. Fill up isn’t even the right word because we’re not literally waiting for the drives to reach capacity. It’s all about being efficient while never degrading performance. We have standards in place that let us know when it’s time to start adding capacity and these are never affected by any profit goals or other wishes. While we have an idea how many sites are going to go on each server at the end of the day it’s based on usage.

Service and Support

Customer service and support is of the utmost importance. If there is ever a server or network issue, we are on it immediately. They’re rare but when they happen cell phones are ringing, buzzers are going off, people are woken up if necessary. Any downtime is a sky-is-falling scenario for us and it is resolved absolutely as quickly as possible. Luckily this doesn’t happen too often, planning and good hardware without greed goes a long way.

But what if you need a hand moving a site? Or changing a configuration? Maybe you have a question on how to switch php versions in CloudLinux or a script isn’t working as it should on our services? 99 times out of 100 we can provide assistance and are more than happy to do so. Remember, we’re just one ticket away. We love helping our customers, it’s those moments where we can make someone’s life easier or provide that “aha” moment that put a smile on our faces. Support and service is all based in America, and each member of the team plays an active role in the company. Gone are the support agents just providing an incomplete or unintelligent answer to get rid of the ticket and move on.

Never Overcrowd

Above this has been discussed indirectly but the number one rule of web hosting is to never overcrowd a server. The problem is the more people crammed onto one server, the more money the host makes (at that moment). Small companies do it to make ends meet or to squeeze every last penny out. Large companies do it to maximize profit and/or to satisfy shareholders and board members. We won’t ever overcrowd a server because it’s all about the long game. Retail is a good analogy, where sales per square foot is often measured. The idea is the same, we want to do well of course but provide a premium experience. Let’s say a store was packed wall to wall with people because they neglected to lease enough space. You might make a ton of money that one day but let’s be honest, nobody is coming back. Our goal is to make lasting connections with our customers, so you can sleep easier at night and we can be proud of the service we are providing.

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