For years we have helped build and maintain various websites and web-based applications. Along the way, a great focus was always put on reliability, scalability and of course performance. When starting out, we used shared hosting similar to what we now offer.

Along the way we realized that all the hosts had issues, mostly related to overcrowded servers and cutting corners. Companies were so caught up in growing quickly that the focus was never where it should be, the customer. The logical choice was to move to running our own dedicated servers. We chose a good network connection and great hardware. The changes were immediate and our customers were much happier as a result.

In 2013 the decision was made to apply our skills and experience to launch a hosting company where the customers truly come first. The most successful and important part of our business was quickly becoming the hosting we were providing to our customers. Our uptime was, and continues to be, phenomenal and we are here to provide the same reliable service that we provided ourselves to our customers at a reasonable price.

Our focus is currently on shared website hosting but we can, and do, accommodate everything from the smallest personal site to multi-server enterprise-grade operations. If you have a project in mind and need hosting, guidance or development and design don’t be afraid to contact us. Even if there’s something we can’t provide, we’ll be happy to point you in the right direction. Through and through we are problem solvers, always anxious to find the solution for the next puzzle to come our way.